Thursday, February 25, 2016

Are You a Part of a Cyber Cultural Community?

The Cultural Alliance held a workshop last month on "Building High Tech and Cyber Cultural Communities."  Todays changing cultural environment presents challenges and important opportunities for the arts to contribute to the livelihood  of local communities.  We value the traditional audiences but we need to be looking beyond them to embrace their needs, interests, and spending habits. Shannon Bowman discussed the WHRO THE SCENE in Hampton Roads--truly a cyber community in the Hampton Roads area.  Tom Powell, founder and Creative Director of the Addison Group, Suffolk, covered basic points to increase our audiences and how to establish and support our company's brand.  Susan Branch Smith, Basecamp Productions, Williamsburg,  discussed the development of the web-page--for without an effective webpage, our cyber community will not grow!

I encourage you to check out their upcoming blogs.  They will give you some of the pointers that they gave us at that workshop. 

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