Monday, February 24, 2014

A conference for Artists

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A conference for artists – The Business of Art. 
Yes, you have the talent to draw, sing, dance, act and to create.  But what will you do with your creative talents?  How will you get the world to see you and support your talents.  How will you get paid for your work?  Who will come to your performance or your show.
Yes, we can all have talents but to actually make a career in the arts, you have to have a business acumen.  You have to do bookings, book shows, concerts, get parts in plays; then you have to sign and create contracts and receive an income equitable to your level of talent.  
Art is a business—and if you are to be successful in your chosen field, you have to learn The Business of Art.  This conference that was sponsored by the Cultural Alliance of Greater Hampton Roads featured professionals in the arts field and emerging artists.  The networking, the information  and the give and take from all parties was tremendous. 
The conference was an eye opening experience for many who have a lot of talent, but were fully unaware of the knowledge and information needed to be forge a career in the arts.

Hampton Roads has a lot of talent and many of the 16 speakers shared their stories and the “paths  they had followed to arrive at where they are today!  BRAVO to them—their journeys and advice to the upcoming artists was very helpful to them.  The conference evaluations told the story—Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! As one attendee stated.  This was the best ever!
 CAGHR will hold webinars on some of the topics covered at the conference. Visit the Cultural Alliance's webpage for information about the webinars.  

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