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Building the literary skills of our children

When asked what they read, many college graduates indicate that they don’t read anything outside of classwork?  Or they may occasionally glance at the news on the Internet; certainly no time to read a novel.  Yet, in our country we want our children to be able to compete on an international  playing field— and many are without the basic literary reading and writing skills needed to compete.   
We, in the arts, believe that students should read specific plays, poems, and stories that have been read down through the ages and that present a historical account of  how our country has evolved.  This is good!  What is also good is that children read—I mean read whatever we can get them to read. 
I’ve read about many stars that say reading and acting in a play opened up a new world for them and/or provided an escape from a not so happy home life.  I’ve also ran into children that love poetry—poetry that they write, that they recite, that they add the hip hop beat to. This is a challenge because they have to write it, read it and carry the beat as they read!  
 What inspires children who write journals, poems, even plays.  We can assume that their lives are often told through this media.  We can also assume that as they pass by neighborhoods, visit art galleries and museums they get ideas; as they drive around or even travel, they see new worlds and writing can help them hold on to those new worlds and keep the dream of one day being in that new world alive.  
 Join the Cultural Alliance of Greater Hampton Roads as we offer young people a chance to visit the newly renovated Chrysler Museum and create poetry as they view the exhibits in the Museum.  As the book, The Cat in the Hat says, "oh the  places we will go"!  Oh the countries they will learn about as they visit and tour the galleries at the Chrysler Museum. Bring your child to the Museum on Saturday, June 7 during the hours of 10:15a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (free admission) to participate in the Poetry Explosion sponsored by the Cultural Alliance of Greater Hampton Roads.  We would love to help spark that creative writing gene in your child.  

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