Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Arts Season has started--Jump On Board!

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The Arts Season has begun . . . .

When September comes, people think about the fall and the start of school.   Those of us in the arts get excited because it is the start of the arts season.  It’s the time to prepare for going to the theater, opera, dance, art gallery openings, and many, many artistic performances.    Yes we all attend arts programs during the summer—but they are leisurely designed programs—in outside venues and they feature samples and examples  of the various offerings by the arts and culture groups  in our area—it is  hoped that these summer programs entice audiences to subscribe to the numerous arts and cultural programs available during the “arts season”.

 I really love this Hampton roads area because if you desire, you could actually be out every night during the week attending an arts program, either at an established venue or a local restaurant, or any venue that features art and artists.  All of our cities, including the Eastern Shore have so much to offer!  Be sure to read the arts guides in the Pilot, VEER magazine, Tidewater Women, and other magazines.  People ask me “how do you know so much about upcoming arts programs?  Well, of course when you work in the arts, you are pretty knowledgeable about what is available in your cities.  But, I encourage those that ask that question to read the “Arts section – the PULSE- which appears every Thursday in the Pilot!  I then send them to the other magazines, those mentioned above and others, such as Hampton Roads magazine, the Hampton Roads Gazetti, and also refer them to central websites that cover various venues in each of the cities.  AND, since I work at the Cultural Alliance, I always refer them to our website that lists the arts activities being offered all around the region!  There is a ton of information about the arts  available to anyone who really wants to find it!  

Join the excitement of the arts season!  Arts organizations have been planning for you--our subscribers, ticket purchasers, families, tourists and everyone to “come in and see the show!”  Remember, “ The world  is a stage, the stage is world of ENTERTAINMENT!”

Oh, and don’t forget to “support the arts” thorough your giving—Let’s keep  ENTERTAINMENT alive in Hampton Roads!   











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