Monday, June 3, 2013


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      The "Arts Matters 2" Campaign by the Cultural Alliance

Do the arts really matters to you?

If you had to answer this question?  What comments would you make?  I encourage you to watch the YouTube Video that features representatives from many of the local arts and cultural organizations in Hampton Roads  (see the link below) telling us why Arts Matter!

The Cultural Alliance needs your support and voice so that we can keep the arts up front and close to everyone, including our elected officials.  If  the arts matter to you, we encourage you to let your local elected officials know this by attending events and programs that they will be attending during this summer as a part of their campaigns, or by writing them a letter and visiting their offices.

If the arts matter, we also encourage you to join the Cultural Alliance to allow the Alliance to continue its mission of advocacy.  Your membership allows the Alliance to continue to offer programs and workshops that help arts organizations thrive and sustain themselves. To join the Alliance and to learn about our programs and upcoming events, visit our website,  

I also encourage you to plan to attend the Advocacy Workshop training that the Cultural Alliance and Virginians for the Arts will sponsor in September so that we can all become educated on how to effectively spread the message to our elected officials and to the public on why Arts Matter 2!

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