Monday, May 27, 2013


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Today’s celebration of Memorial Day reminds me of the years when the entertainers used to go to the war zone and entertain the troops.  I remember Bob Hope, who for many years was the man on the frontline who took many singers and dancers with him to entertain the troops and give then a “taste of home” .  The arts community was on the forefront of being able to, for one brief night, make the soldiers forget the war, their problems and focus on some good music, skits, and dancing; they could sing along, shout, laugh and have a great moment to remember before they had to go back into the war zone!
I don’t hear much today about well known actors and performers going to the war zone, but we, as friends, relatives and neighbors of servicemen can remember to send our troops music, movies and other types of entertainment that they can enjoy when they do get a “moment” to stop and reflect. Let’s let them know that we appreciate the sacrifices they are making  to protect our country and send them something that reminds them that the arts community cares about them!   Visit the Cultural Alliance's website to learn about the many museums and events in the area that honor our military!

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